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Send charity Christmas ecards to your clients

Are you looking to find a way to raise funds for your chosen charity? 

Many companies support charities by raising funds for them - asking their clients to donate to charities to help the less fortunate and generate extra vital funds. For companies that support charities, Christmas is a great time to raise funds as nearly 31 percent of ‘giving’ occurs in the month of December. In fact, 12 percent occurs in the last three days of the year alone. Does your company support a charity? Do you know how you can raise additional funds for a charity during Christmas? Ideally, it should be something that will compel clients to donate and show them how their money can really make a difference at this time of year.

We believe that a great solution if to send online charity Christmas ecards - check out our updated gallery packed with a selection of our latest examples. These are just a very small selection – give us a call or send us a message to request our full catalogue!

Charity electronic christmas cards

Charity Christmas ecards are Christmas cards that are specifically designed to raise awareness about a charity and compel clients to donate to it. The charity logo and links can be included in the Christmas charity ecards so that clients of a company are well-informed and can search the charity to see the work it does and then decide if and how much they wish to donate.

That’s not all; there are several other benefits of sending online charity Christmas ecards to your clients. We’ll highlight a few:

1. Personalised Ecards

Christmas charity ecards can be personalised according to your specific requirements.  We can tailor a special message that will appeal to your clients and compel them to support your cause. You can also ask the charity you support to provide any additional message they would like your clients to read and have it appear on the online charity Christmas ecards.

2. Cost and Time

We find that many companies have always used paper Christmas charity cards to raise funds for their charities. However, when you add up the cost of buying paper cards and the cost of delivery, not to mention the time involved, you may well even save money by sending charity Christmas ecards.

3. Drive Donations

People never ignore a Christmas greeting card; therefore, they are bound to read your compelling message on a charity Christmas ecard. Thus, with charity ecards for Christmas, you can drive more donations for a charity – even sending them directly to your donation page or the website of the charity itself.

4. Reputation

In a survey of 1,100 people from the United Kingdom, it was found that most consumers think companies should actively support charities. One study even showed that 85 percent of consumers prefer buying from a company that supports a charity.  So, charity electronic Christmas ecards will not only allow you to support a charity, they will help you fulfil your corporate social responsibility and increase your reputation among your clients.

5. Facility to Donate

A special feature of charity Christmas ecards is that a facility for recipients to donate can be built in these charity electronic Christmas cards that can help to generate extra funds for the charity. Clients can use the facility to make the donations as many times they like. As Christmas charity e cards are sent via email, clients can make donations whenever they want. It’ll be just a click away.

Winter Wishes for Online Charity Christmas Ecards

Are you looking to have a special charity Christmas Ecards designed to raise funds for the charity you support? Then, you’re at the right place. Our twenty one years of experience positions us right at the top of all developers of charity ecards for Christmas in the UK.

We can design charity Christmas ecards for you according to your specific requirements. The logo and link of the charity along with special message for your clients will be added to your Christmas charity ecards and you can send them to  as many recipients as you like.

 Check out a selection of our latest charity electronic Christmas cards or contact us for our full catalogue. 

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ALL CULTURES catered for

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Unlimited recipients

Send your eCard or game to as many contacts as you like! We'll provide you with a mail template and link to your product, then away you go!

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