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Fantastic Benefits of Christmas E Games

Send company Christmas games and ecards from your business or organisation this year.

Many companies are now moving away from greeting their clients through traditional Christmas cards and have begun to leverage the unique capabilities of electronic Christmas games to engage with their clients. Have a look through our examples page packed with a selection of our latest Electronic Christmas games.

During the holiday season, you might ask yourself, “Do we really need to send company Christmas games or gifts to our clients and business contracts, and if so, exactly why?”

The answer is a resounding “yes” and with good reason - sending greetings at Christmas is an ideal way of showing your clients you care about them, remember them and appreciate their connection with you. It creates goodwill by showing your clients that their contributions matter - Christmas is the perfect time to reach out and make a connection.

Let’s think about the engagement of your clients: you need something that will connect them to your brand and at the same time show them that you appreciate their connection with your company.

Electronic Christmas games are also a great way to say thanks to your clients for sticking with you! Not only that, but these company Xmas games bring many more benefits to your business than you might think…

1. Engagement

Christmas e games offer a truly engaging platform. Recipients love to play fun, cryptic or challenging games and to share them with their family and friends - after all Christmas is a time of sharing, and company Christmas games will allow your clients to do just that!

With company Christmas games, you can increase the engagement of your clients with your business as these games will also give you an opportunity to subtly remind your clients of your services or products or inform them about special promotions and offers!

2. Brand Personality

Some organisations often appear faceless in the competitive corporate environment as they stay focused on traditional forms of marketing. Sometimes, stepping out of conventional norms can help organisations and businesses to stand out and make their mark.

A fun or challenging game at Christmas can work brilliantly for organisations. They can surprise their clients with something different and fun at Christmas and remind them that they truly appreciate the presence of their clients.

3. Reach

Social media sharing functionality can be embedded into the Christmas e games, which make them perfect for your social media strategy. Your clients can share the score from their company Xmas games across their social media platforms AND send the game to a friend, which allows you to generate more reach and increase awareness about your company.

Not only can you benefit from increasing your reach and awareness, but “likes”, “tweets” and “shares” naturally affect the search result listings… You read that right, there are more hidden benefits!

4. Customized Content

Company Christmas games can be created according to your specific needs. This means that you can send specific greetings or messages to your clients through a Christmas game, promote special offers or notify them about discounts.

You can have absolutely ANY idea implemented in your company Xmas games. Our developers also love to play around with unique concepts and will be able to come up with something that’ll be fun for your clients and at the same time, reflect your brand.

Winter Wishes for Christmas Games UK

Now that you know the benefits of Christmas e games, are you thinking of having one developed to surprise your clients this year? If you’re unsure of who will design that electronic Christmas game, which will truly help you stand out, you have come to the right place – take a moment to browse our updated examples page, this is just a small selection of our full catalogue!

With over 21 years of experience in the Christmas sector, we are the leading providers of company Xmas games. We’ll work closely with you to develop an electronic Christmas games that meets your brand requirements.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to capture the attention of your clients! 

Why should you choose Winter Wishes for your company Christmas ecards and games?

ALL CULTURES catered for

Do you require an eCard or game that appeals to all religions and cultures? No problem! We've produced many products that are careful to observe cultural sensitivities.

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Send your eCard or game to as many contacts as you like! We'll provide you with a mail template and link to your product, then away you go!

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We support Tilly Lockey and her family, who are looking for ALL the support they can find, please 'like' her Facebook page, visit Tilly's website and help spread awareness of this life-threatening disease.

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