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Compare Ecards vs Print Cards

Thinking of sending company Christmas e cards to your clients this year?

Christmas is a great time to wish your clients well and thank them for being in business with you. Why just buy a standard paper greeting card and mail it to your clients? That may have been standard practice ten years ago, but now – a decade later - sending a boring old paper Christmas card just won’t leave any lasting impressions.

Let us introduce you to company Christmas ecards - a brilliant solution that conveys your message to your clients, lets them know you value their custom and make sure that they think of you too! Whether you are looking to simply send a personal message to your clients with your company name or logo, or are interested in creating something truly unique and memorable, company Christmas ecards are the perfect solution.

Check out some of our examples here.

Printing and postage costs are rising, combined with the current conditions of the environment and our depleting natural resources, the concept of company Christmas greetings printed on a paper is really obsolete and becoming far too costly. There’s no getting away from the fact that a large percentage of paper Christmas cards still end up in landfill!

Electronic christmas cards for business provide additional benefits that were never there with traditional paper cards. Some of these key benefits are:

1. Visual Message for Marketing

Every marketer knows that creating marketing messages that don’t end up in the junk of a client’s inbox can be extremely difficult. Visual advertising through corporate Christmas ecards offers an excellent opportunity to successfully market your business - with a company Christmas ecard you can communicate your marketing message to clients while appearing to simply reach out to them at Christmas.

2. Corporate Christmas e cards are Eco-friendly

Corporate Christmas ecards are eco-friendly and don’t have any negative impact on the environment. Research shows that around 1 billion Christmas cards are purchased by the people in the UK each year.

When you consider the amount of paper required for cards and envelopes, printing costs and costs of transport and delivery, it is obvious that company Christmas ecards are a more environment-friendly and cost-effective alternative. When you’ll send corporate Christmas ecards to your clients, you’ll establish yourself as a business that puts environmental concerns at its forefront.

3. Save Time and Money

We believe Christmas ecards for business really are the best solution for sending Christmas greetings, and can actually save you time and money in the long run. There is no longer any reason to waste valuable staff time sending company Christmas greetings. Writing greetings on paper cards for your clients is obviously a laborious task, this is why most companies simply send a card containing their signatures. Not only does this lack any real personality, it is also a wasted opportunity to capture your clients’ attention with something slick, funny or memorable.

With corporate Christmas ecards, you can ensure that your clients receive your Christmas greeting as well as your unique marketing message – and then see if they have clicked through to your website as a result!

4. Christmas ecards for business can increase Website Traffic

In the competitive online environment, driving traffic to your website to encourage interaction of clients with your services can be very hard. Corporate Christmas ecards provide an excellent opportunity to drive more traffic to your website.

We can include your website’s link to your greeting message when delivering it to your clients. This way, your message will get through, and clients may visit your website to check out what you have to offer – a clear advantage over paper cards.

End Note

Due to the benefits of company Christmas e cards, many businesses now prefer sending Christmas greetings to their clients with electronic cards instead of traditional Christmas paper cards. Why not consider using Christmas greetings e-cards this year for your company?

Don’t waste the once-in-a-year opportunity to capture the attention of your clients on Christmas. Contact Winter Wishes to have a company Christmas greetings card designed for your business today.

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