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It's a sociable time of year...

If it's a Christmas game you're after, we can add links to Twitter and Facebook so players can 'share' their scores across the social media sites. Social links will encourage repeat plays and increase the viral aspect of the game; this is in addition to the usual 'send to a friend' functionality included in all our games.

Going forward, it’s paramount for your business to integrate social media into your overall customer experience. All businesses, whether big or small, should go to the trouble of finding ways to connect with customers to turn them from passive reactors to advocates. Regardless of where or how it’s being delivered, generate value with your consumers from everywhere at all times. Providing a unique customer experience across traditional and social channels can elevate your business, products, and services, and can even inspire your customers to make purchases.

The future of social media offers many exciting, new opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers. When your business is focused on creating positive brand experiences, it can lead to insights that have an impact on all of your customers. And most importantly, it builds trust.

Some interesting facts about social media related to viral marketing:

  • Two thirds of the world’s Internet population now visits a social network or blog site weekly
  • 220+ million people visit the top 25 social networks each month
  • Facebook has 500+ million active users
  • Time spent visiting Social media sites now exceeds time spent emailing
  • 52% of people who find news online forward it on through social networks, email, or posts

Why should you choose Winter Wishes for your company Christmas ecards and games?

ALL CULTURES catered for

Do you require an eCard or game that appeals to all religions and cultures? No problem! We've produced many products that are careful to observe cultural sensitivities.

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Unlimited recipients

Send your eCard or game to as many contacts as you like! We'll provide you with a mail template and link to your product, then away you go!

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More than one in a million!!!

Did you know that in October and December for 2022 alone, Winter Wishes products generated over 2.8 million hits for our clients? We're rather proud of that statistic, looking to improve on it for 2023!

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